Barefoot at school

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, July 01, 2004

I would like to voice my agreement with the letter to the editor submitted by Patrick McGonegal on June 22. Mr. McGonegal's observations on the role and mission of the public school system are right on target.

Two days later there was a My Turn commentary authored by Shelia Keller, a teacher from the Juneau Community Charter School, who argued against a dress code for the public school. My son was a student in Ms. Keller's class last year. After observing a parent volunteer, Larri Spengler, barefoot in her classroom, I asked Ms. Keller if bare feet were appropriate in the classroom. She commented that she had no problem with bare feet in her classroom.

To call the Juneau Community Charter School an alternative choice is an understatement - to say the least. I can think of no other public building that allows or encourages unshod individuals to enter. Are bare feet allowed at the Juneau School Board meetings?

George Haralovich


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