Ketchikan bridge is a 'boondoggle'

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, July 01, 2005

Ketchikan residents didn't vote for a bridge that I can remember. I recall a vote on a concept and location of the proposed bridge. The proposed $315 million bridge to Gravina via Pennock Island in Ketchikan is ramming a project down the throats of residents of Ketchikan and the American taxpayer.

We (Alaska Natives) cannot support anybody that wants to, and is willing to, cause further desecration of our Native grave sites on Pennock Island or anywhere in Alaska.

Raising ferry rates was another tactic by your local and state politicians to get support for the boondoggle alternative.

The boondoggle bridge will have a toll charge one way or another. Property taxes will skyrocket as the infrastructure - roads, water and sewer, electricity, fire and police protection - is put in. And all because a few arrogant, opulent people want to drive over a bridge to their properties on Gravina and Pennock islands at American taxpayer expense.

In closing, I am just being realistic and letting the public know about how stupid this bridge concept is. Dreams and hopes are leading the people to nightmares and despair. This God-given right, inherit right, natural right opinion is shared by others that oppose the bridge project in Ketchikan.

Don Hoff Jr.

Hixson, Tenn.

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