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Posted: Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Dog owners warned about fireworks

JUNEAU - The Gastineau Humane Society is warning pet owners to keep pets inside during the Fourth of July holiday weekend because fireworks can send them running.

Dogs frightened by fireworks will be arriving all week at the animal shelter, said Chava Lee, executive director of the humane society.

"We get some of the same ones back every year," she said. "They hear the first loud bang or rat-a-tat-tat, and they get scared. They jump the fence or slip their collars and run away. A lot of them end up here."

Lee urged people whose dogs disappear to call the shelter at 789-0260. If the dog isn't there, the staff will take information and call if the animal is found. Frightened cats run away too, and may not show up for days, Lee said.

To prevent runaways, Lee advised keeping pets indoors during fireworks.

"If you are worried about your pet's reaction to the fireworks, regardless of precautions you may take, call your veterinarian," she said. "They will be able to advise you on what further steps you can take to protect your pet."

Peterson announces candidacy for Assembly

JUNEAU - Juneau School Board member Dan Peterson announced his candidacy Tuesday for the District 2 seat on the Juneau Assembly.

Peterson, a third-year student at the University of Alaska Southeast, has served on the school board since he was elected as a high school senior in October 2000. He has served on multiple committees, including the Program Evaluation Committee and the Committee for Native and Minority Student Success. He has chaired the School Board Policy Committee since 2001.

Peterson worked to pass a comprehensive policy for how the school district works with students 18 and older. He also worked on a joint policy/ordinance on truancy with the CBJ Assembly Human Resources Committee.

"Juneau is a great place to live and work - but there's always room to improve," he said. "We've got to improve transportation and work hard to make our schools the best they can be."

Snagging salmon banned at Auke Creek shore

JUNEAU - The state Department of Fish and Game has banned snagging salmon in a small shoreline area of Auke Bay near the mouth of Auke Creek.

The prohibition, which began today, will help protect adult sockeye salmon returning to Auke Lake. Sockeyes cannot be legally fished in the area, but are sometimes caught by anglers snagging for king salmon, Fish and Game officials said in a press release.

Laws against fishing for sockeye and snagging for any fish will be strictly enforced, officials said.

The area's boundary is from the Auke Bay Lab's boat dock south to the nearest of two white buoys marking the lab's saltwater intake pipe, continuing to the second buoy, and then to a regulatory marker on the shoreline just south of the mouth of Auke Creek.

Interior officials warn of fireworks danger

FAIRBANKS - Interior firefighting officials are warning people to be careful with fireworks because of conditions prone to wildfire.

"It's been windier than usual and it's a lot drier than people think, because of a little scattered showers," said Michael McGowan, a fire prevention officer for the state Division of Forestry.

He suggested saving fireworks for a rainy day, or even winter, if Friday, the Fourth of July, dawns a high fire-danger day.

If a person cannot resist, fire officials recommend using fireworks in gravel pits or on sand bars along rivers.

Fireworks are prohibited within Fairbanks city limits but are allowed within North Pole as long as they're fired on private property. State statute makes it illegal to shoot fireworks into a wooded area.

Juneau's June rainfall more than normal

FAIRBANKS - Juneau was 0.2 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than normal in June, with an average temperature of 53.7 degrees, according to the Geophysical Institute of the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

The high for the month occurred on June 30 with a temperature of 75 degrees. The month's low, 40 degrees, was recorded on June 29.

Precipitation was 11 percent above the normal June total at 3.74 inches. Juneau experienced 18 consecutive days with a trace or more of precipitation during the month.

Most regions of the state experienced near normal temperature conditions during June.

Precipitation varied with Southeast, the west central coast and Bristol Bay experiencing above normal precipitation.

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