School right to impose a dress code

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, July 02, 2004

The administration has every right to impose a dress code upon the misguided youth of Juneau-Douglas High School, and I applauded its efforts to suppress the short skirts in winter time. Sure, some of the new code is a bit extreme, but if they didn't want me to wear a hood in school, I wouldn't argue. The only real changes are to address the fashionable cleavage shirts and skirts barely long enough to cover one's behind, and it's about time the school told the girls to put some clothes on. I've never seen as many racy outfits as I did last year, and I honestly didn't want to look at them.

Jaimie Kennedy wrote, "You don't have to wear it, so you shouldn't judge it." What a misguided statement. When you wear it, we have to look at it, and when it's distracting, it becomes everybody's problem. These girls are obviously wearing this clothing to attract attention, and they're just not used to it being negative. I've seen so many undergarments peeking behind, over or through clothing this year, I might as well have been going to school at a night club.

Shannon Dore

JDHS Class of 2004

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