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Posted: Friday, July 02, 2004

... for the signals

As Valley residents who live off Valley Blvd., we are exceedingly pleased with the installation of traffic signals at the intersection of Valley and Mendenhall boulevards and Mendenhall Loop Road. The Department of Transportation has served the public will in the design of the entire intersection and adjoining elements. In particular, project engineer Pete Bednarowicz is to be commended. The layout of this intersection is well-marked with well-placed traffic dividers. The pedestrian crosswalks, as well as the bus stops, are a vast improvement over previous conditions.

We feel so much safer now that we do not have to take our lives in our hands to get onto Mendenhall Loop Road at one of the peak traffic periods. These traffic signals have indeed reduced our stress levels as we cross into the flow of fast-moving vehicles. The neighbors with whom we have spoken feel the same way. It is great to see tax dollars spent this wisely for the benefit of so many users. Many thanks again, DOT!

W.D. and Margaret Adams

... for the donation

Thank you, Mendenhall Flying Lions Club. Thank you from all of us at ORCA. We would like to extend a very sincere thank-you to the Mendenhall Flying Lions Club for their generous donation of $500 towards our summer scholarship program. Our summer trips and outdoor adventures are some of the highlights for our consumers, and we are now able to make these experiences available to more people. ORCA could not offer the high quality programs that we do without the wide support of the Juneau community and organizations such as the Mendenhall Flying Lions. Through their donations, they have given disability a possibility!

The Staff at ORCA

Jennifer Bellman, Sierra Kaden, Tom Lee, Brooke Munro and Byrony Tresor

... for the speeches

On behalf of the Bill Egan Forum, I'd like to thank our speakers - many of them very busy legislators - for their interesting talks on timely subjects, from presidential politics to budgets, environment, fish, labor, petitions, rural Alaska, tax economics, women's issues and more. Thanks also to the Juneau community for its support and attendance.

Thanks to speakers Ashley Ahrens, Ethan Berkowitz, Sharon Cissna, Eric Croft, Harry Crawford, Jim Duncan, Johnny Ellis, Kim Elton, Hollis French, Les Gara, David Guttenberg, Russell Heath, Reggie Joule, Mary Kapsner, Beth Kerttula, Albert Kookesh, Dennis Kucinich, Georgianna Lincoln, Donny Olsen, Ray Riutta, Clive Thomas and Robert Thorstenson. And if I left anyone off this list by accident, I thank them double!

Thanks to those who provided public service announcements: The Empire, Capital City Weekly, KINY, KJNO, the Whalesong, GCI Cable and others. Thanks also for room and meals to the staff and management of the Baranof Hotel, especially Hotel Manager Gerde Krause and Catering Manager Bill Mock. Thanks too to the Capital Copy crew for frequently printed flyers.

Particular thanks to this year's Bill Egan Forum crew, masters of ceremonies and friends, George Ascott, Jim Ayers, Andrea Doll, Gordon Evans, Mike Miller and Cindy Spanyers. Thanks to all for this seventh opportunity to lead the forum.

Next year, please give your support to the Bill Egan Forum and the 2005 chair and crew, who do so much to bring these important discussions to your attention. Thank you.

Joe Sonneman, 2004 Chair

Bill Egan Forum

... for the help

The Veterans of Foreign Wars would like to extend its appreciation to a couple of folks who helped make the downtown Memorial Day observance a success. There's always a bit more going on behind the scenes that few people are aware of, and without the help of dedicated volunteers, we wouldn't be able to continue serving the community with this type of ceremony.

Thank you to the Zach Gordon Youth Center, for loaning their Public Address (PA) system; the USCG 17th District Color Guard, for performing flawlessly in posting and retiring the colors at Evergreen Cemetery; Marty Neff and Susan Bushnell representing the Juneau Elks Lodge 420 and Bruce Bigelow representing the VFW and Ladies Auxiliary, for the wreath-laying; volunteer Bill Ruddy, for the playing of the TAPS; and Mr. Hinkley at Parks & Recreation, for the proper positioning of the flag (so that proper flag etiquette was observed).

With Stan Lehman as Chaplain and all the other VFW volunteers who brought chairs and carried flags and equipment, we were able to properly observe Memorial Day. My thanks to all who attended and participated. Without you, it wouldn't have been.

Tim Armstrong, Past Commander

Veterans of Foreign Wars

... for the care

I want to thank the ladies, the men from the ambulance and everyone who came to help me when I fell in front of Safeway. Everyone was so kind and helpful. Thank you so much.

Norma Sherwin

... for the contributions

The After Prom Party Parent Organizing Committee and the 300 students attending the After Prom Party would like to thank the following services and business for their contributions in making this a most memorable and safe event. The After Prom Party was held at JRC-The Alaska Club valley location on May 1 from midnight to 3 a.m. It provided a variety of activities, food and prizes for students after attending the high school prom.

Please thank the following business for their support of the youth of Juneau: McDonalds, Bullwinkle's Pizza Parlors, Subway Sandwiches, Gross-Alaska Inc., The Rock Dump, The Nugget Alaskan Outfitter, Heritage Coffee Company, Alaskan Fudge Company, Valentine's Coffee House, Pel'Meni, Channel Bowl, Blockbuster Video, Safeway, Fred Meyer, Super Bear and Pepsi-Cola Company. Lastly, a special thank-you to the JRC-TAC for hosting this event after hours and providing a professional, friendly staff.

Gail Coenraad, Coordinator

After Prom Party

... for the support

We would like to thank our friends and relatives for the loving support and help they have given us during the illness and loss of our beloved Drena Ann Austin.

A special thank-you to the Church of God, Juneau Christian Center, Hospice and Home Care, Tlingit-Haida Central Council, Tlingit-Haida Community Council, Grand Camp Bingo, ANB Camp 2 Bingo, Tlingit-Haida Bingo and the wonderful doctor and nursing staff of the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage, SEARHC and Bartlett Regional Hospital.

A very special thank-you to Maryann Joey for organizing a food sale fundraiser that was held on Drena's behalf while she was hospitalized. Thank you to our friends in Juneau, who donated food for the sale. Thank you to our friends in Angoon: Ethel and Peter Jack, Jerilyn and Joey George, Carol and Leroy Martin and Peggy and Kelly Williams, for all the food and cash they donated towards this food sale.

The family of Drena Ann Austin: Mother, Lillian Parduhn; daughter, Kristin Carleson and family; sons, David Widick and Eric Carleson; sisters, Darlene Thomas, Rowena (Dale) Reeves, Jamiann (Russ) Stevens; brothers, Wilmer, Evans and Victor Austin; William (Karen Reyes) Stauffer; aunts, Diane Church, Ruby Nelson, Edna James, Gertrude Peters, May Hofson, Marie Shodda and Rachel Jennings; and uncles, Richard Dick, William Kanosh, Charles Jennings and Victor Johnson.

... for the help

The Pelican youth as well as the rest of the citizens of Pelican would like to thank the following: Master Carver Stan Marsden; Sheinberg Associates; SEARHC; Alaska Pacific Bank; Central Council Tlingit-Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska; William H. Pierre Jr.; Davies-Barry Insurance; North Star Rent-a-Car; Jim Slater; Sealaska Heritage; Fred and Elva Elling; Frank and Peggy Gebhart; Last Frontier Construction; Harris Air; City of Pelican; J & S Lodging; the Mattson-Wolff family; Rod and Sandy Darnell of Juneau Wholesale and Boardwalk Bight; Aggie Moy; Rose's Bar & Grill; Pelican Visitor's Association; Eric and Pam Bealer; Pelican General Store; Costco; Kim Andrews; Alaska Seaplane Services; Harris Air; Chikobi Charters; Vida and Herman Davis; Ray Paddock Sr.; Teri Schomer; Pelican School District; Tom Whitmarsh; Allen Stewart; Alaska Marine Lines; U.S. Forest Service; Seven Circles; Collette Costa; Patti and Ron Dick; Ketchikan Youth Group; Ye-is-Ku-o-o Dance Group; Juneau Tlingit Dancers; Pelican Indian Dancers; everyone we missed; and Allen Marine, for transporting everyone.

We all live in Southeast Alaska and appreciate what we have! Gunalcheesh! Aang! Thank you very much!

Caroline Odell and Karen Stepanenko

Pelican Totem Project

... for the boogie

On behalf of the City of Pelican, I would like to thank all of the people who contributed effort, time, money and energy to the success of the 6th Annual Pelican Boardwalk Boogie. It is hard to describe the exhilaration felt around this small community when we see people walking up and down the boardwalk, the businesses moving people through their establishments, plane-loads of people flying in and private, public transportation boats plugging the harbor.

There are so many special things about the Boogie: The groups of folks sitting in small clusters, strumming tunes; the community dinners put on by locals to feed the visitors and benefit the local EMS and library; the bawdy tunes that characterize a portion of the fishing/village persona; and the gathering of friends from all over Southeast Alaska.

The City of Pelican has and will continue to support the Boardwalk Boogie Committee in their efforts to make the Boogie a success every year. As a community, Pelican benefits as well; the support shown by all the guests for our city is inspiring, as we work through some challenging events.

We could never list all the people involved, but a special thanks always goes to Colette, Jeannie, all the bands, Rosie, Mick, Karen, the cooks, Jerry and Deb, the City of Pelican Public Works crew, Allen Marine, Alaska Seaplanes, Tal Air, Pelican Seafoods, the Pelican Visitor's Association, the local innkeepers, the Bealers and all the others who worked to make this the best Boogie ever. None of this would have happened without a small idea that popped out of Stewart Ely's mind over six years ago, which involved a "festival" for fishermen. Stewart, we owe you! And, Bob-O, you rock!

Kathie Wasserman, Mayor

City of Pelican

... for spreading the word

April was Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month, and I would like to thank the people who make it possible here in Juneau. First, the people who put pins on the pamphlets: The sixth-grade confirmation class at Shepherd of the Valley, which included Shelby Tersteeg, Bekah Peterson, Lauren Busch, Brittany Fenumiai and Chris Stumme; and Kimberly McNaughton of the American Legion Auxiliary.

Next, thank you to the businesses who gave me counter space to display the educational pamphlets/pins and donation jars: The Fiddlehead Restaurant, Silverbow Bagels and Restaurant, El Sombrero, the downtown and valley Heritage Coffee locations, the downtown and valley Tesoros, Foodland Super Drug, Susan's Hallmark and Sheer Design. I would also like to thank Chris Burns of KINY show did a show that looked at what happens after a report of abuse is filed on Capitol Chat. All of these people helped to educate, and education is a big key in stopping the cycle of child abuse. Since child abuse is promoted by silence and ignorance, thank you for helping us educate people. Child abuse affects our society as a whole, not just its victim!

I would also like to thank the people of Juneau who wore mint green pins to show their support for stopping child abuse. I would like to thank the people of Juneau who showed, through their donations, that preventing child abuse is an issue that is important to them. Juneau truly is a town with a big heart. I look forward to working with all of you next year.

Debra Gerrish, Coordinator

Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month for RID Alaska of Child Abuse

... for the fun

Our school held its 12th Annual Harborview Fun Run on May 21, and there are many folks who made it possible. This is a huge thank-you to all the staff members at Harborview who helped: Michele Schindler, Maralee Guiher, Debbie Tillinghast, Darlene Jacobson, Marti Corcoran, Natalie Rothaus and others. Staff helped students get to the race, on the race course and on the playground.

The Harborview PTA, lead by Marna McGonegal, did its usual excellent job serving hot dogs, carrots and pretzels in the covered play area. The following groups also made it possible for us to hold the event: State Department of Transportation Highways Maintenance; Juneau Parks and Recreation department for race setup and timing; Juneau Police Officers Paul Commoli, Brian Hatch and others, who patrolled the course with cars and bikes; and McDonalds, who kindly donated water containers, ice and cups.

Water stations were ably manned by Sheila Dyer, Sue Sloss, Megan Skillings-Garrison, Rich Culver, Zeena Siddeek, Linda Frame, Ann Gifford, Maralee Guiher, Margie Thomson, Kathi Yanamura and others.

The following folks provided emergency help during the event: Judy Miles, Chris Gelotte, Steve Iha and Steve Byers. We appreciate the many parents, who walked or ran the course with their children, and others, who encouraged and supported them. Thanks to all for helping Harborview's school fitness and spirit.

Harborview Elementary School

... for Close-Up

I am a student with Alyeska Central School. Several weeks ago I was given the opportunity to go to Washington, D.C., with a program called Close-Up. It was a great experience, and I am very glad that I went.

Our group traveled around Washington, D.C., for a week, visiting many landmarks, monuments and memorials. We also took part in various discussions and seminars. I learned a lot on the trip, and I also had a lot of fun. I would like to thank Alyeska Central School for giving me the opportunity to explore our nation's capital.

Joseph F. Patz

... for Katie's work

AWARE staff would like to send a tremendous thank-you to Katie Sullivan, who has continually provided us with First Aid and CPR training. This is a wonderful donation of time and information, which enables us to better serve the women and children who are seeking safe shelter at AWARE. Katie has generously given us her time and training expertise for over four years. We are profoundly grateful for the service that Katie provides.

If you would like to donate your professional talents to AWARE, please call 586-6623.

Cydey Boyer, Volunteer Coordinator, AWARE

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