Why are special interest groups so special?

Posted: Sunday, July 02, 2006

How many more state employees will lose their job because of Gov. Murkowski's interests in "useful in gaining knowledge in how privatizing government services will work?" The state is losing money.

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What bothers me is that Exxon gained over $36 billion last year, and Exxon has still not paid the Alaska natives who still remain plaintiffs; Exxon still owes 32,000 fishermen. Exxon still owes a figure of $6.5 billion for Valdez spill.

Gov. Murkowski is so willing to give away to the special interest great deals to the big oil companies. What is he doing for this state? Why is he so anxious to give away so much our state resources to these special interest groups, when our state needs it the most? Privatizing does not work; so Gov. Murkowski should let it alone.

Gov. Murkowski needs to be campaigning and fighting to obtain the $6.5 billion from Exxon. He needs to figure out how to increase wages for the state employees wages - state wages that have not increased in the past 10 years or so. Many state employees are working second and third jobs to help pay the high cost of fuel, medical, electricity, rent, mortgage, clothing, education and food each month.

Gov. Murkowski should pilot a project to increase the wages for the state employees and go after Exxon and penalizing the company each day for not paying up.

Leimomi Matunding


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