Outsiders: Paula Trubiroha

Posted: Sunday, July 02, 2006

Outsiders: Paula Trubiroha

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Occupation: Restaurant industry.

Outdoor activities: Kayaking, cycling around the world, surfing, hiking, climbing.

Favorite outdoor activity: Cycling.

Where she's cycled: Trubiroha started riding around the city in Tucson. After moving to California, she took longer trips up and down the West Coast, Canada and Europe.

Favorite place: "New Zealand because they're the most friendly people on the face of the universe," she said. "They would invite me into their homes, they would have me stay on their boat, cook me food, pack me up food for my day, make me a little lunch. It was just crazy. It was the funnest country. I met so many people. Last year I did the east coast of Australia. They weren't as friendly."

Cool experience: "In New Zealand, riding my bike I would see these thermal pools, and I'd pull off and hop into a thermal pool. The next thing I know there'd be, like, 10 people hopping in the thermal pool. One day I rode by glaciers and in the same day I was riding up and around volcanoes. That county is just amazing."

Close call: "When I first started riding, I worried about close calls and danger, but it never happened. The only danger in any of my trips was the aggressive men in Greece. I'd be riding and they'd pull off the road ahead of me and get out of their car and say 'madam it's so important that I talk to you.'" Trubiroha said she kept riding and the same man would drive ahead, pull over again, get out of his car and come to her with the same intensity. "It happened at least twice a day, only with men, and it would be the exact same thing. The same scenario. Like that's what they do to women on bicycles."

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