Snagging illegal in saltwater at mouth of Auke Creek

Posted: Friday, July 02, 2010

JUNEAU - A small saltwater area in Auke Bay, immediately off the mouth of Auke Creek, is now closed to snagging and attempting to snag fish and remain closed through Tuesday, August 31.

Fish hooked in any location besides the mouth, must be released immediately. The use of weighted hooks and lures, except those lures of standard manufacture, and the use of treble hooks with a gap between the point and shank that is larger than one-half inch, are also prohibited.

These regulations will be in effect inside of a boundary line that extends from the Auke Bay Laboratory's boat dock south to the two orange floating markers that indicate the location of the University of Alaska's saltwater intake pipe, and then on to a department regulatory sign located on the Fritz Cove Road shoreline approximately 200 yards from the mouth of Auke Creek.

This action is necessary to protect adult sockeye salmon returning to the waters of the Auke Lake drainage. Sockeye salmon harvest is prohibited in the Auke Lake drainage and in the salt waters that make up the head of Auke Bay, including the saltwater area described in this emergency order. Anglers attempting to fish for or snag hatchery-released king salmon near the creek mouth inadvertently snag sockeye salmon. Harvesting sockeye salmon, and snagging or attempting to snag fish in this area is a violation.

For additional information, anglers should call the Division of Sport Fish office in Douglas at 465-4270.

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