Forest Service asks campers to totally extinguish campfires

Posted: Friday, July 02, 2010

KETCHIKAN - With the holiday weekend coming up, lots of folks are bound to head outdoors for camping, hunting and other recreational activities.

Brian Sines, a fire management officer with the Tongass National Forest, is asking recreationists to exercise a extra caution with campfires, especially in the northern half of the Tongass.

Southeast Alaska has had an average summer with fair amounts of moisture especially the southern half of the forest. However, the northern half has not received as much moisture and there have already been numerous fires in the Juneau and Hoonah areas.

Even with a fair amount of precipitation, rain does not always penetrate the forest canopy to reach the forest floor below, which means woody matter at ground level can still be dry and susceptible to fire.

For more information, contact your local U.S. Forest Service ranger district or Brian Sines at 907-874-7556.

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