Time for accountability

Posted: Wednesday, July 03, 2002

The June 28 Empire carried more articles about misconduct in accounting by more large companies in the USA. This makes a thinking person wonder if there is more of this going on than has come to light.

It also brings up the thought that the Native corporations in the recent past have fought the idea of outside audits asked for by the shareholders. How about the rest of the businesses in Alaska? Are there problems with the accounting practices used within our great state?

I believe it is time the people of Alaska, Native and non-Native, started checking things closer to home. Honest accounting is still required by all corporations within the USA.

I believe it is the duty, and the right, of each and every shareholder of any and all corporations, at this time, to check to see that the proper accounting methods are being used by the corporation that they own any shares in. Remember it is your money. Remember also that by federal law, the corporations must use a set standard of accounting everywhere in the USA.

Do we have an Enron scam going on in Alaska? If we do let's find it and put a stop to it now!

James Gee


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