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Posted: Wednesday, July 03, 2002

... for helping keep kids safe.

The Juneau SAFE KIDS Coalition would like to say thanks... To all the volunteers who made our Bike Rodeo fun and informative for all the kids and their parents. To the Juneau Police Department for use of their equipment and their officers: Marc Parfitt, David Wrightson, Dominic Branson, Kris Sell, Steve Christensen and Troy Wilson. To Lou Edwards from the Juneau Free-Wheelers for his expertise and finesse in bicycle repair. To Bob Laurie and the Alaska Highway Safety Program for road safety training and funding for reflectors and tattoos. To Kmart for use of their parking lot, Odom Corp. for the banner, Juneau Parks and Recreation for course cones and to Martha Moore and Alice Walters from the Alaska Injury Prevention Program for their expertise in applying temporary tattoos.

The Juneau SAFE KIDS Coalition would also like to remind all kids that even though school is out, you still need to: Use your head and wear a helmet when bike riding, skateboarding or rollerblading (and parents set an example for your children). This summer you might "get caught" by a Juneau Police officer and if you have your helmet on you could get a free ice cream cone or a movie pass.

Have a safe summer: Wear a helmet, follow the rules of the road, and be sure you are seen by drivers. Safe kids are no accident.

Karen Lawfer, coordinator

Juneau SAFE KIDS Coalition

... for help with the dinner

We would like to thank everyone who helped make the spaghetti feed for the Maki family such a huge success, especially Margi's sorority sisters in Epsilon Sigma Alpha who hosted the dinner.

A special thanks to Cindy Schlaffman and Diana Donohue for cooking the great spaghetti, and to all those friends who brought salads and garlic bread. A really big thank you to Jane Mulready who did a great job with the auction. Also, the many friends and family who attended.

Margi is doing great and has a very positive attitude to help her fight this esophageal cancer.

Again, many thanks from the Maki family.

Edward, Margi, Michael, Jennifer and Jonathan

... for your support and help

The Fawcett family would like to thank the following for their support during the loss of a family member:

Filipino Community Bingo; A.N.B. Camp No. 2 Bingo; Tlingit and Haida Community Center Bingo; Huna Totem Coop.; Robert Loscher; Sealaska Co-op.; Grand Camp No. 70 Bingo; and the many friends and family that helped with the food donations.

Many thanks for all the support and help from each and every one.

Frank and Roberta Fawcett and family

...for a great Boogie.

We at the Boogie Committee would like to thank all the volunteers and sponsors of our 2002 Pelican Boardwalk Boogie.

Our biggest thanks to all volunteers, participants, sacrificial virgins and musicians who made this year's Boogie a huge success!

Thanks to...

...all the luscious inhabitants of the city of Pelican, especially the unbelievable Pam and Eric Bealer, Rosie, Vicky and Mick, Karen and Victo (best borscht and clam chowder in S.E.), Paula B., Marylou and Ude for ducky goodness, the (ig)noble Kathy Wasserman, Eric "Was Happenin" Papunen, Karen Smith, Glenn Woods and Pelican Seafoods, Tom Whitmarsh, the EMT and Friends of the Library crews, Ernie the Eggman Man (our Loafer lover) and life-of-the-party, fun guy Ajax E.

...our vital volunteers, especially the to-die-for Buzz, Monica, and Sara Ritter, Albert "Perfect Ears" McDonnell and sidekick Kris "Del Jr." Jones, indispensable Spencer, Goddess-In-Blue Riley, Lindy DohDah, Maria Mattson for companion fares, Kari Lundgren, Linda Cohen, Emily and Corey Wall, Pete and Mary Beastie, Hula Sharon, Brna (BRNA!), KTOO-FM, those plucky, persistent raffle-ticket sellers, all the pretty, pretty PA boys and any poor sod, I mean, soul we may be forgetting.

...the Allen Marine Crew for much mooning patience and incredible stand-by time.

...our raffle-enabling sponsors: in Pelican, Alaska Seaplanes Service, Lisianski Inlet Cafe, Pelican Seafoods, the city of Pelican and Carol Seymour; in Juneau, Kodiak Coat Company, Asha Falcon, Alaskan Hotel, Panhandle Crabgrass Revival Band, Pel'Meni, Real Studio, JDU, Gross Alaska Theaters, Rainbow Foods, Theatre in the Rough, Poseidon Boardsports, Perseverance Theatre, T.K. McGuires, JRC, Xandi's Treasure Chest, Rock-Paper-Scissors, Silverbow Bakery, Juneau Symphony, Subway, Heritage Coffee, Art Sutch Photography, Fred Meyer, Northern Lights Candle Co., Cuts Online, Alaska Fudge Co., Chilkat Cone Kitchen, Madera's Hearth, Alaskan Brewing Co., Jane Roodenburg Books, Nugget Alaskan Outfitter, Pappy Poe's Pork Place, Gourmet Alaska, Hearthside Books, Rie Munoz Gallery, Sarah Hanson, Travelodge, Gallery of the North and most sweetly Paradise Cafe & Bakery.

...and finally those child-like musicians who came from far and got too near, Crabgrass Panhandle Revival Band, The New Romeo Loafers, Ray-Jen Cajun, The Bobb Family Band and Danny C & the C-Notes, as well as dear Lindy "Lou-Who" Dickson (and multiple "friends"), Mr. Joe Karson, purveyor of purloined promises and Bob-O, the jamming jenius. You were all much better than you imagined.

Appreciatively yours in yearning,

Uncle StewBob, Carole the Lovely and the Lil' Princess Collette

... for supporting after-school programs.

This year the Floyd Dryden Before- and After-School Program worked with over 480 different students at Floyd Dryden 80 percent of the student population. The program's success was due to the generous community support we received this year.

Students who attended Power Hour (study hall) received incentives such as movie tickets from Glacier Cinemas, coupons for french fries and Value Meals from McDonald's and pizzas from Bullwinkle's. Fred Meyer donated balloons to help the Archery Club participants sharpen their shooting skills. Channel Bowl provided our Bowling Club with reduced bowling rates. The Zach Gordon Youth Center gave our students the opportunity to climb at their climbing wall at a reduced rate. Orca Enterprises donated a whale watching trip to the Science Club. Alaska Travel Adventures donated a rafting trip to the Science Club. The Audubon Society took our Science Club participants bird watching at the wetlands. KTOO provided airtime and professional training for our Radio Club participants. The Boys and Girls Club ran soccer and basketball competitions during lunch. The Glacier Visitor Center taught a Pack It Right! and Terrific Trees class. Big Brothers/Big Sisters provided us with a wonderful Big Sister for the year.

We were also fortunate to have The Juneau Empire, Channel 6 and KTOO publicize our weekly schedules. Thank you so much for the generous contributions and making a difference for the students at Floyd Dryden Middle School.

Sheila Degener

Floyd Dryden 21st Century Grant Site Coordinator

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