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Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, July 03, 2003

On Tuesday, our 11-month daughter, Genevieve, suffered a febrile seizure due to a sudden high fever while vacationing and visiting my sister, Tara, and her family here in Juneau. We were on a glacier trek with North Star Trekking when this happened and she was in my sister's care. She was at Our Backyard when she began seizing and became unconscious. The owner, Christy and a patron, Margo, a CNA, acted quickly in calling 911 and assisting my sister in caring for Genevieve. Several EMTs arrived and provided prompt and thorough care before transferring her to Bartlett Regional Hospital.

In the meantime, we were immediately notified by radio through North Star Trekking and picked up off the glacier by helicopter by our pilot, Jason, met at the heliport by Melita, an employee of North Star Trekking, and driven in her vehicle straight to the emergency room.

We arrived to find her surrounded by numerous hospital staff doing what they needed to treat and comfort her. Although we were worried and shaken, they calmly told us she was doing well and that her seizure was not serious. Dr. Ken Brown and Denise Conners, R.N., spent three hours taking care of Genevieve and making sure she was fine (and we were fine) before sending us on our way. They were very competent and compassionate. We wanted to say, "Thank you." We are overwhelmed at the help and support of each individual involved. We appreciate the kind, caring people of Juneau.

Diana and Rick Dietz

Merced, Calif.

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