Annual Beaded Bag show: Oldest bag in show dates back to 1820

Two bags entered by different people are 'sister bags' from the same German maker

Posted: Thursday, July 03, 2003

Spirit Beads owner Salty Hanes was surprised to receive 14 chain-mail bags this month when she put out a call in April for submissions to her store's 13th Annual Beaded Bag Show.

She was even more surprised to discover two of the chain-mail bags - one each from Juneau residents Donna Mayfield and Judy Sherburne - appear to be "sister bags."

"They have the same hardware in the clasp and the same blue stone," Hanes said. "The wristband is identical. The frames themselves are varied. One is much finer than the other. But they are from the same factory in Dresden (Germany)."

Hanes' show opened June 21 (the solstice) and will run until Sept. 21 (the equinox). Spirit Beads, 217 Fifth St., is open from noon until 5 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday.

The show includes 35 bags. The oldest dates from the 1820s or 1840s, a floral bag with gold and dark teal metal beads.

Sue McGregor, Alison Brown, Susan and Art Arnold, Kathy Ellis, Judy Sherburne, Lis Saya, Donna Mayfield and Sue Lium lent bags. Hanes also has four of her own for sale.

Lium contributed a red tea cozy she inherited from her neighbor. The cozy is designed with a Scottish thistle foliage pattern and is displayed on the posters Hanes made for the show.

The collection includes a moose heart bag that previously belonged to former Anchorage resident Art Arnold. One of his relatives found the bag in Anchorage and lent it for the show. The red moose heart sack looks like a rosebud and is set with a heart stone. It's decorated with beaded white deerskin.

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