Learn to protect kids from TV content

Posted: Tuesday, July 03, 2007

In reference to Wendall Bishop's letter ("GCI Cable should drop Spike, TRIO channels," June 26): Just a reminder, as parents we should learn how to protect our children from unsuitable television content. I am sure Bishop must have seen the commercials describing how to use the remote to block certain channels. It also can be used to block the titles of pay-per-view channels. I know because I myself didn't like seeing them. I also have blocked these channels with a password so they cannot be ordered unless I enter a code.

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It is time again for parents to be parents and start taking an active role in what our children do and see. Everyone shouldn't have to do without because some parents don't take the time or effort to look out for their children.

If people don't like it, they could just stop watching and find something more constructive to do.

Stephanie Nelson


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