Colbert mocks Coeur decision

Posted: Friday, July 03, 2009

Stephen Colbert brought up Juneau's Kensington mine controversy Wednesday evening on "The Colbert Report," his Comedy Central show that satirizes conservative news pundits.

Colbert invoked images of the James Bond movie "Goldfinger," a crazy old gold miner, and Antonin Scalia with a gold grill over his teeth as he talked about the mine's U.S. Supreme Court case.

On June 22, Coeur Alaska Inc. won its fight against environmentalists - the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council, Lynn Canal Conservation and the Juneau Group of the Sierra Club - to dump ground up waste rock into a lake upstream from Berners Bay. The Kensington mine is 45 miles northwest of Juneau.

Colbert lampooned the court's decision for relying on a Bush administration rule changing the definition of "fill."

"What the mine plans to dump is not toxic waste - it's toxic fill," he said. "Which, according to a 2002 the Bush Administration regulation, is not under the jurisdiction of the (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)."

The whole show is online at and The Coeur bit starts about 11 minutes in.

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