Are Dredge Lakes really better off?

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, July 04, 2005

Has anyone paid attention to Dredge Lakes area lately? Or should I say since ATV recreation was expelled?

I and many others like me have had the proverbial "wool pulled over our eyes." If you have been out there and seen what has been going on then you know about the damage or "change" that has occurred. New trails due to beaver flooding, signs planted all over, burn piles, truck and heavy equipment use, tree and brush trimming, and toward the glacier, clearing for bus parking and more new trails. The list really does go on.

More damage has occurred since its new management than I can see having been done in past years or decades with motorcycles and ATVs. I see a huge connection between the degradation by development of access and commercial use to be wholly responsible for this quick demise of Dredge Lakes area.

As riders of Dredge, we, the riding public, did not plant posts with signs, plant steel barriers to let in equipment. We also did not make new trails. We rode the trails our riding forefathers pioneered. We did not bring in a truckload of cinderblock to ring a large fire pit for burning trail brush from widening trails. And we never, under any circumstances, brought in heavy equipment to spread aggregate and earth to widen trails.

To those responsible for the demise of Dredge Lakes area, please give it back to the riding public. As riders and ambassadors, we promise it will only and always be allowed to change and grow naturally alongside us, without the influence of heavy equipment, steel and concrete.

Richard Hall


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