Nothing heard by government agencies

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, July 04, 2005

Hundreds of workers shuttle daily back and forth. Kayaks search for peace on a distant quiet shore. Raven and eagle call out for the people. EPA hears nothing. USFS hears nothing. Corporations hear nothing. CBJ hears nothing. DEC hears nothing. The governor hears nothing. Nothing is heard. Not the raven nor the eagle nor the people. Step by calculated step, urban exploitation moves closer to conquest over nature. Project by project corporations tar our living breathing land. Wet lowlands gasp and cease to flow through powder-shot rubble-packed rock face.

Gas saws cut down forest trees. Huge steel-bladed dozers shovel avenues straight through the wildest places. Peeled and creosote logs protrude upright through primordial tides. Corporate ferries wake a way through pristine waters. Deeply mined gold-rock surfaces. Commodity precious gold is eagerly sought day and night long. All barren rock is lake dumped. Polluting waste leaches out to the bay. Days run into weeks. Weeks run into months. Months run into years. Raven calls. Eagle calls. The people call out, but nothing is heard. Nature and spirit are conquered.

Alan R. Munro


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