Improve ferry service, not road

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, July 04, 2005

I would like to thank Mr. Ridgeway for setting aside his personal feelings about the Juneau road and doing something increasingly rare these days, listening to his constituents. Thanks also for reporting that the numbers of people that weighed in against the road were far higher than those in support of it (26 to 6) when the Assembly voted on the road resolution a few weeks ago.

I do have to disagree with him about putting this to another vote. Skagway and Haines are solidly against this extremely expensive, dangerous road, but despite the hearing, it seems Juneau will never have a decisive majority one way or the other. A percentage point or two difference between the yeas and nays just highlights how contentious this is. That isn't going to change. Besides, the Assembly really has no say in the matter. The Department of Transportation is doing everything in its power to build the road.

The Environmental Protection Agency says the ferry system is a better option. What the final outcome will be is anyone's guess, but the city should stop wasting time and energy on something that, ultimately, is out of their hands. Instead, why not work together with Skagway and Haines to push for better ferry service? That is something everyone can agree on.

Linda Kadrlik


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