No one in Juneau cares about Supreme Court decision

Posted: Wednesday, July 04, 2007

(In regards to John C. Anderson's letter, "'Bong Hits' draws attention to erosion of personal freedoms" on Friday:)

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It sounds to me that if Anderson was still in Juneau in 2002, he would have helped the kid pick the correct colors to use on his inane banner and not cared at all about the message.

It sounds to me like we all should be glad that Anderson is a former Juneau teacher.

Sorry to burst Anderson's bubble, but nobody here cares about the court ruling.

Anderson should make himself a 6-foot banner that says, "Bush is a moron!" march around downtown Seattle for hours, and see if he gets arrested.

When nothing happens, he should go home and take "2 bong hits 4 Jesus" and just relax.

Michael Kazmac


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