Children suffer the most from fluoridated water

Posted: Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I support David Ottoson's stand against compulsory fluoridation ("Fluoridate our water? No thanks," Friday's Juneau Empire). Fluoridation is a crackpot idea that is perpetuated by dental professionals who should know better.

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Babies are the main targets of fluoridation because it is in their embryonic permanent teeth that normal developing enamel is changed to a different type of enamel that is supposed to be resistant to decay. But this enamel is a brittle enamel that then becomes fluorised - mottled, pitted and fissured. This enamel requires expensive dental treatment to disguise the visible damage.

So the parents of these enamel-damaged children have to fork out money to disguise the dental fluorosis so their kids are not ashamed when they smile. Approximately 50 percent of fluoridated children in the United States have damaged enamel.

At age 14, dental decay in fluoridated and nonfluoridated children is equal. So why put the infants through the torture of having enamel damaged teeth to prove the mistaken theory that fluoride prevents decay. The truth is that it merely delays decay by 14 months.

Because of fluoridation, parents lose out financially and the youngsters go through hell.

Fluoridation glosses over the lack of dental care for the poor. It is a sham.

Joy Warren

Coventry, United Kingdom

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