Thanks for supporting Perseverance Trail

Posted: Friday, July 04, 2008

Trail Mix Inc. thanks all those who contributed to the wonderfully successful rededication of the Perseverance Trail on June 21.

Special thanks to our guests, Mayor Bruce Botelho, Sen. Ted Stevens, Gov. Sarah Palin, Sen. Kim Elton, Rep. Andrea Doll, and Director of Alaska State Parks James King. We once again thank Sen. Stevens for his tireless efforts to support trails in Alaska through the continued funding of the Alaska Trails Initiative, which made possible the Perseverance Trail project.

Thanks also to Marc Matsil and his exceptional team at the city of Juneau's Parks and Recreation Department, including Bob Grochow (Ret.), Rick Staskiewicz, Derron Peterson, Dale Gosnell, Debbie Soto, Dora Joven, and Mindy Meyers, who all contributed to a festive atmosphere and a smooth program.

We also are grateful for the support of Juneau Mountain Rescue, especially Steve Handy and Karl Bausler, who helped make the event particularly special for several of our guests and dignitaries by assisting them up the trail to the work site.

Several members of the Trail Mix Board of Directors also contributed in a very big way, and our thanks go to Jim Geraghty, Ivonne and Eddie Hunsinger, Mike McKrill, Alice Rarig, Dan Sexton, Bob Grochow and Mark Wilke.

Finally, thanks to the more than 100 Trail Mix members and supporters who came out to show their passion for trails and to celebrate the completion of the biggest trail project in our history. Without you, our work would not be possible.

Thanks once again. We'll see you on the trail!

George Schaaf

Executive director, Trail Mix Inc.


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