Throwback logging style a formula for destruction

Posted: Sunday, July 04, 2010

This tragic throwback to old-style, old-growth logging for whole-log export will cherry-pick many of the remaining special areas in Southeast Alaska that have been designated for protection by the Forest Service management plans. These include pristine places of beauty and inspiration, local small-scale logging and finishing industries, and subsistence zones important to many communities for hunting, fishing, and other wild harvest activities.

These proposed intrusions are viewed with alarm by local residents hailing from Tenakee to Prince of Wales and many other choice, southern timber stands already hard hit by the big mills of yesteryears.

All of this reverses the slowly evolved vision of transition to small-scale, local value-added, sustainable-over-the-decades-ahead wood industries that would combine with other industries, including tourism and subsistence living with the woods and waters of Southeast Alaska, including clear spawning streams and nurturing seas for sustained fishing.

Instead what we have in this abortive legislation is a formula for destruction of the Commons! One last Paul Bunyanesque orgy of clear cutting, eroding landscapes, and clogged streams from abandoned logging roads! That's why the local people say no!

Bill Brown


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