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Posted: Sunday, July 04, 2010

On behalf of the Juneau Flotilla of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary I would like to sincerely thank Western Auto-Marine and staff for their support, space, and time this year helping us promote boating safety in the Juneau and Douglas area. By allowing us the use of a portion of their parking lot twice this year (in April and May), they have enabled us to provide vessel safety checks for the boating community.

This year during both events the members of the USCG Auxiliary Juneau Flotilla conducted a total 52 vessel safety exams for the local boaters in the region. This represents a sizable portion of the safety checks done by our local flotilla and allows us the opportunity to reach out to the local mariners about boating safety. I salute their efforts to make sure that our area boaters have the chance to make sure that they learn about and be sure have the appropriate equipment in case an emergency occurs while out on the water this year.

Thank you once again from members the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Juneau Flotilla.

Brian Bezenek

US Coast Guard Auxiliary

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