Please return missing regalia

Posted: Sunday, July 04, 2010

Sometime between June 4 and 5, 2010 someone stole my personal Tlingit carved head regalia. Few understand how such an object can represent cause for sleepless nights, a sense of loss, grief, sorrow, betrayal and finally of guilt. My brother carved this headpiece for me many years ago and he has since passed on.

My sorrow is that there are so few things that I can physically touch that brings the spirit of my lost family back to me. My shame and guilt flows from a sense of responsibility to keep my brother's, my family's and my people's memories safe. Soon I will be attending my brother's 40-day celebration.

Let me speak of him again and show the regalia that contains part of his tremendous spirit and gifts. Please return what you have taken. I know that you would not have taken it if you understood what a terrible thing you were doing to someone else. It is beyond value, but only I know and can appreciate that spiritual value. To you it is a trophy, or a lie about how you came to own such a thing.

If I had money, I would offer it to you as dollars could never bless me as my brother did.

If anyone has seen it, it is a Raven head with abalone eyes, holding a white marten in its beak. If the marten is missing, there will be a slit where it once lay through Raven's upper and lower beak. Please help return my honor, and let my brother dance to the old songs again.

Steve Andison


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