In appreciation of Alaska Airlines

Posted: Wednesday, July 05, 2000

I addressed a letter of appreciation to Alaska Airlines President, Mr. Kelly. I feel it is important for Juneau residents to be aware of the special service they are providing.

I have been a practicing medical physician in Juneau for 39 years, and have had many occasions when one of my patients needed immediate emergency transportation to a Seattle medical center.

Alaska Airlines has always, without exception, responded and promptly transported these patients and any family members. The response for help is exemplary, most recently on June 27, when their superior staff arranged an emergency trip for a heart patient with only two hours notification before flight time.

I find Alaska Airlines' Juneau staff to be very sensitive, concerned and helpful to a request for emergency medical transportation. They are kind, compassionate, caring and most competent.

I truly believe that these service arrangements are assuring access to quality emergency medical care to the people of Juneau.

I wish to extend my gratitude and appreciation to Alaska Airlines for playing an important supportive role in Juneau's health care delivery system.

Henry I. Akiyama, M.D.Juneau

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