Parade winners

Posted: Thursday, July 05, 2001

Here are the winners of the Juneau Festival Association's 2001 Fourth of July parade:

Best of parade: Filipino Community.

Most Alaskan: 1. Filipino Community; 2. Holland America/Westours.

Most patriotic: 1. Cornerstone Espresso/Gas 'N Go; 2. Filipino Community.

Best use of theme: 1. Filipino Community; 2. Cornerstone Espresso/Gas 'N Go.

Best commercial float: 1. Holland America/Westours; 2. Big Kmart.

Best custom vehicle: 1. The Wedding Shoppe; 2. Rick's Cafe.

Best classic or antique vehicle: 1. Model T Tours; 2. Rudy Rodriguez.

Best marching or walking group: 1. Ati-Atihan; 2. Habitat for Humanity.

Best youth group: 1. Emma Renshaw; 2. Snooze-N-Cruze.

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