Free Tlingit language class offered every week

Posted: Friday, July 05, 2002

Hans Chester, a language student and assistant instructor of Tlingit at the University of Alaska Southeast, is offering a Tlingit language class from 2:30 to 4 p.m. every Saturday in the Naa Kaani Room at the Goldbelt Hotel.

The class is free and open to anyone interested in the language.

"A lot of the students wanted to do a weekly class in the summer, because in the summer they lose the sounds and a lot of the words, and it takes a lot of relearning in the fall," Chester said.

In addition to keeping students in practice, the class is an opportunity for Chester to work on teaching methods.

"We're developing immersion lessons here at Sealaska (Heritage Institute) and we need to field-test them," he said.

Unlike some immersion classes that are conducted completely in the language, the summer Saturday class will be in English and Tlingit, Chester said. Beginners are welcome, but some exposure and experience with the language is helpful, he said. Students will work on written as well as spoken words.

The Naa Kaani Room at the Goldbelt Hotel is in the lobby level near the elevators.

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