Pro-hunter letters ironically refer to 'life'

Posted: Thursday, July 05, 2007

I find it ironic that two letters in support of two hunters, Dr. David Miller and Bill Adair, both reference life.

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In one letter, Tracy Hansen wishes people could "learn to live and let live" ("Hunter has good bedside manner," June 25).

In the other, Alfredo Velazquez reminds us that hunting is part of "the cycle of life ("Don't boycott a great family gathering place", June 28).

Regarding the former, maybe the saying should be amended to "live and let live unless its head would look good on my wall."

Regarding the latter, hunting to feed your family might be considered part of the "cycle of life," but I'm not sure about two men traveling halfway around the world to shoot a cat that they're not planning on putting in the freezer as meat.

Valeria Buschfort

Fort Worth, Texas

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