Now a true citizen

Posted: Friday, July 06, 2001

Thank you, Don Smith, for your editorial regarding the harbor dredging project that a few woefully misguided assembly members tried to shoot down at Monday's meeting. Without the presence of the two most experienced members (John MacKinnon and Cathy Munoz) at the meeting, newcomers Marc Wheeler and Sally Smith and relative newcomer Frankie Pillifant apparently thought they could wreak a little havoc with the planning process.

Most people either ignored what happened or skimmed over it without thinking what it meant. You took the time to analyze the situation and made a judgment based on sound reasoning and fact. You expressed your opinion in an intelligent manner that also took a little bit of courage.

I can guarantee that based on my own experience and the experience of my friends, you are now on the "hit list" of the chronic whiners you mentioned in your editorial. Congratulations, you are now a true citizen of Juneau, and you have my respect and my thanks.

Betsy Fischer


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