The price is not right

Posted: Sunday, July 06, 2003

I take affront to Mr. Abel's July 1 My Turn. It is not my duty to line his or any other retail establishment's pocket with excessive money from unbelievably inflated charges. If Wal-Mart, Fred Meyer and Safeway can operate in SE Alaska, it's only because they charge fair prices.

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It is almost impossible for a young family to make a comfortable living in Juneau due to retail stores charging such high costs. Mr. Abel and others charge, for some of your items, in excess of 100 percent markup as compared to Home Depot/Lowes in Tacoma. Examples include wood and shingles, appliances and carpeting, automobiles, boat bumpers, anchors, electronics and fishing equipment. Please think twice about justifying your exorbitant prices by saying it's caused by shipping costs. We realize that isn't so. We use the same barge lines you do at a higher rate and still save. I do thank you and some of our other local retail establishments for allowing us to take vacations with the savings we earned from buying elsewhere.

Tim Bigelow





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