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Posted: Sunday, July 06, 2003


I think he is just an overgrown young man who is playing basketball with average young kids in high school. LeBron will now face guys his on size and will be a bust. His ego will help him fail because of all the attention he has received. But understand also that he is going to Cleveland so any improvement will be welcome. He also is another example where money wins the battle over education. You can't blame the kid because if someone paid me that kind of money to just bounce a ball I would take it too.

Why do we all suddenly have to follow the Cleveland Cavaliers? It's great that Carlos Boozer has been successful in his chosen career, but there are dozens of other young people from this community who have done very well in their chosen fields and they get no recognition at all. How about some coverage of kids from Juneau who have made successes of themselves in teaching or medicine or writing or music or chemistry? We may get an occasional color article, but we certainly don't follow their careers (or their co-workers' careers) week by week, do we?




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