There needs to be TV access to fall special session

Posted: Friday, July 06, 2007

I write in regard to the story about the special legislative session held in Anchorage. It was great that 50 people came to view that session. Nevertheless, it was not broadcast on statewide television, so how many people statewide lost the opportunity to view it?

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I just spoke with the managers at "Gavel to Gavel," and while they are looking into broadcasting a much longer session from Anchorage, costs and logistics may prohibit that broadcast. The Capitol is permanently wired for broadcast, and "Gavel to Gavel" offices and staff are located in Juneau. To truly allow the citizens of Alaska access to the special session, it should be broadcast, and Juneau is the best place to do that.

Not many people know that about half of the funding for legislative television coverage comes from the city of Juneau; the other half comes from the private sector. Is the state of Alaska or Anchorage ready to pay for that television coverage?

Linda J. Snow


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