Newspaper's coverage of leopard hunters much appreciated

Posted: Friday, July 06, 2007

Thanks Juneau Empire for your coverage of the hunters.

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This letter is in response to Anita Martin's letter ("Empire's coverage of hunt was tasteless," Monday) blasting Korry Keeker, Dr. David Miller or anyone else who doesn't act the way she deems righteous.

I don't personally hunt, but I do fish and have even had my picture taken with my "trophy" halibut. Somewhere down the economic line, Martin has probably benefited from my fishing. Gas is purchased, license fees paid to the state, and any money that is spent on this and similar activities probably finds its way indirectly into Martin's pocket.

Does Martin know about the actual economic situation of those people involved? And I am talking about the local farmers and ranchers who are affected by these hunts.

I probably do not disagree with much of what Martin believes in terms of the environment, but I absolutely disagree with trying to hurt someone's income simply because they do something offensive to my beliefs.

In my career as a photographer, I have seen many people try to out yell their opposition so as not to let the opposition's message get out. Martin's "vacuous" attempt at punishing someone else for their idea of sport, is rather a vicious attempt at imposing her beliefs upon someone else's lifestyle. It sickens me to see such self-righteous, and often ignorant, preaching by extremists.

How about a free and open dialogue over pizza and beer?

Thanks to the editors at the Empire for not shying away from our "neighbors'" photos.

Scott Hopson

Everett, Wash.

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