Posted: Friday, July 07, 2000


Recent births reported by Bartlett Regional Hospital:

On June 25, a daughter weighing 6 pounds 3 ounces, to Kimberly Sue Adkison and Milo Douglas Adkison of Juneau.

On June 27, a son weighing 8 pounds 13 ounces, to Irene Marie Redenbaugh and Terry Lee Redenbaugh of Juneau.

On June 28, a son weighing 6 pounds 7 ounces, to Mary Cecile Johns and Jayme Joe Johns.

On June 30, a son weighing 5 pounds 14 ounces, to Shannon Lynn Dilley and Robert Allen Dilley.

On June 30, a daughter weighing 7 pounds, to Cindy Ann Petersen and Richard Frank Petersen.

On July 1, a son weighing 6 pounds and one-half ounce, to Julie Marie Pierce and Gerald Lee Pierce.

On July 2, a daughter weighing 9 pounds 9 ounces, to Christina Dawn Rich and Robert Lynn Rich.

On July 4, a son weighing 5 pounds, to Anna Marie Nelson and James Harold Nelson.

Business Licenses

The following are new or renewed Juneau business licenses filed as of July 6, 2000:

Dave E. Biddinger, owner, Rent A Husband (construction-related, exempt from contractor registration).

Gail L. Waltzer, massage therapist/sole proprietor, Ahhh. . .Massage Inc. (personal care services, including massage therapy).

Michael R. Edenshaw, owner, Michael R. Edenshaw (child day care services).

Johan Syahminan, owner, Crew Help Crew (money remittance; activities related to credit intermediation).

Godelieva A. Barr, owner,, Douglas (independent artists, writers, performers).

Gary Dean Clement, owner, Gary Clement LPC (professional counselor; certified rehabilitation counselor).

L. David Grafton, president, representing Heavy's Amusements, a subdivision of Heavy's Inc., a corporation (other amusement and recreation facilities).

Mark A. Vester, owner, Alaska Reel Repair (alterations of personal and household goods, repair and maintenance).

John Lee Salyers, Tall Timbers Transformations (construction related, exempt from contractor registration).

Joy Marasco Neyhart, doctor of osteopathic medicine and sole proprietorship, Joy M. Neyhart, D.O. (physician; osteopathic services).

Marriage Licenses

The following are new Juneau marriage licenses filed with the state Bureau of Vital Statistics as of July 6:

Clint Guy Barensprung, 43, and Lorie Ann Markwood, 22, both of Telephone, Texas.

Richard A. Kennel, 52, and Julie Ann Brandes, 46, both of Portola Valley, Calif.

LarryPaul Dittman, 56, and Frances Lillian Shelley, 55, both of Porte Vedra Beach, Fla.

Paul Robert Johnston, 29, and Maria Hazel Maiquis Lim, 26, both of Mars, Penn.

Bryan William Hitchcock, 25, and Deborah Ann Gregoire, 27, both of Juneau.

Brian Todd Carlson, 38, and Dawn Mari Maddux, 34, both of Scandia, Minn.

Roy James Guthrie Sr., 48, and Nancy S. Burley, 52, both of Juneau.

Michael Russell Graves, 48, and Christine Eva Goertzen, 48, both of Juneau.

Arthur Charles Jackson, 63, of Naples, Florida, and Robin Lee Taft, 38, of Seattle.

Manuel John Gomes Jr., 42, and Nancy Ellen Bombardier, 48, both of Attleboro, Mass.

Timmy William Young, 32, and Beth Ann Andes, 37, both of Cuba City, Wisc.

Jerald Ray McDowra, 64, of Waxahachie, Texas, and Clarie D. Riggle, 50, of Richardson, Texas.

Scott Martin Crowhurst, 36, and Caroline Alice Hornan, 30, both of Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada.

Robert Lawrence Jones II, 42, and Sheila Ann Howard, 35, both of Merritt Island, Fla.


Court records show the following legal actions among those taken in Juneau Superior and District courts through July 6:

Divorces and Dissolutions Filed

Tina Johnson, Ben Johnson.

Nikka Chapman, John Chapman.

Jeffery A. Wiederspohn, Bonnie J. Wiederspohn.

Rusty Simonson, Christine Simonson.

Brian Fronimos and Brooke Fronimos.

Delores Wheaton and Charles Wheaton.


Jeremy Willard, 22, was found guilty of misdemeanor violation of conditions of probation stemming from a June 30 offense. Judge Peter B. Froehlich imposed a fine of $1,000 with $1,000 suspended. He sentenced him to 70 days in jail; to enroll in, pay for and complete a substance-abuse treatment program; and to a year's probation during which he is to attend Alcoholic Anonymous meetings and violate no laws.

David M. Dunker, 23, was found guilty of misdemeanor violation of conditions of probation stemming from an offense of Aug. 17, 1999. Judge Froehlich waived a fine. He also ordered him to serve five days in jail; and to report to jail by 8 p.m. June 30.

Jamie P. Daniels, 27, was found guilty of driving with no valid operator's license stemming from an offense of June 22. Magistrate Joyce Skaflestad sentenced him to pay a $100 fine, and placed him on probation for six months. He was to be fingerprinted within 24 hours.

Kendall Lindoff, 31, of Juneau, was found guilty of two counts of misdemeanor probation violation stemming from a May 10 offense. Magistrate Joyce Skaflestad imposed fines of $2,000 with $1850 suspended; committed him to jail for 180 days with 165 suspended; ordered him not to consume or possess alcohol or go where it is sold or served; placed him on probation for two years; and sentenced him to take medications as ordered.

Edward F. Williams, 20, of Anchorage, was found guilty of two counts of misdemeanor probation violation stemming from a March 22 offense. Skaflestad fined him $400 with $400 suspended; committed him to jail for a total of 190 days with 190 days suspended; ordered him to seek and maintain employment. He was also ordered to go to Anchorage for assessment and have his file transferred to Hoonah; to violate no laws during two years of probation.

Chad L. Calhoon, 19, of Juneau, was found guilty of failing to obey a citation stemming from an offense of June 9. Skaflestad sentenced him to one day in jail; to pay a $50 surcharge by July 10; to complete 80 hours of Community Work Service (CWS); to appear at a Sept. 5 status hearing; to violate no laws; and to a year's probation.

Rudy D. Walker Jr., 30, was found guilty of negligent driving, an infraction of the law, stemming from a May 8, 1993, offense. Judge Peter B. Froehlich fined him $300.

Jeffery W. Walker, 21, of Juneau, was found guilty of misdemeanor violation of probation conditions stemming from a June 20 offense. Magistrate Joyce Skaflestad fined him $900 with $800 suspended; ordered him to enroll in and complete anti-violence training with Tongass Community Counseling; ordered him to complete parenting classes; and placed him on probation for two years during which period he is to violate no laws.

On June 30, a grand jury indicted Cresencio B. Bagoyo III, 2l, for failing to appear for a hearing in connection with a charge of a felony.

On June 30, a grand jury indicted Leroy R. Jacobs, 22, on two charges: first-degree vehicle theft and third-degree theft of property having a value of $50 or more. Both alleged offenses occurred on or about June 21 at or near Juneau.

Nicholas Polley, 23, was found guilty of third-degree misconduct involving a controlled substance stemming from an offense of May 10, 1998. Superior Court Judge Patricia A. Collins sentenced him to jail for 36 months with 18 months of that time suspended for two years on condition that he successfully complete probation. During probation, Polley was to make a reasonable effort to secure and maintain steady employment; make a reasonable effort to support his legal dependents; not possess or consume any intoxicating liquor; violate no city, state or federal laws; participate in educational/vocational training approved by his probation officer; not use any drugs or possess any paraphernalia associated with the illicit use of drugs; not possess firearms or deadly weapons; and participate in an alcohol/drug assessment.

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