Winners of events from Gold Rush Days 2000

Posted: Friday, July 07, 2000

The following are this year's winners of the events at Gold Rush Days (names are listed in order of rank):

12B Overshot Mucking; Dan Clark (1st), Dennis Clark (2nd), Kirk ``Ziggy'' Ziegenfuss (3rd).

All-Around Female Miner; Ashley Sage.

All-Around Male Miner; Dennis Clark.

All-Around Resource; Dennis Clark.

Babe of the Woods; Sonie Blackwell.

Bull of the Woods; Cal Richert.

Gold Panning (Junior Division - 14 and under); Callie Conerton, Jessie Beck, Shea Wilcox.

Gold Panning (Sourdough Division - 15 and over); Jocelyn Almgren, Abel Orelove, Mark Sabel.

Horizontal Chopping; Daniel McDonough, Ed Smith, David Nordlund.

Horseshoes (Double); Mike Cole and Anthony Walker, Gale Good and Kim Custer.

Horseshoes (Single); Anthony Walker, Gale Good.

Jack & Jill Team Hand Bucking; Ed Smith and Tobie Putman, Daniel McDonough and Sonie Blackwell, Cal Richert and Nichole Richert.

Jackleg Drilling; Dennis Clark, Dan Clark, Kirk ``Ziggy'' Ziegenfuss.

Men's Axe Throwing; Terry Selby, David Nordlund, Ed Smith.

Men's Choker Setter and Hook Tender Relay Race; Cal Richert and Ed Smith, Dennis Clark and Erik Sommers, Daniel McDonough and David Nordlund.

Men's Hand Mucking; Dennis Clark, Erik Sommers, Jim Smith.

Men's Log Rolling; Daniel McDonough, Cal Richert, Terry Selby.

Men's Single Hand Bucking; Daniel McDonough, Cal Richert, Ed Smith.

Men's Speed Climbing; Cal Richert, Ed Smith, David Nordlund.

Men's Spike Driving: Dan Clark, Dennis Clark, Jim Smith.

Men's Stock Power Saw Bucking; Ralph ``Animal'' Austin, James Sage, Dennis Clark.

Men's Team Hand Bucking; Daniel McDonough and David Nordlund, Cal Richert and Mike Bentley, Bob Chemikoff and David Rhule.

Saturday Children's Choker Setter Race; Dakotah Smith, Mattheus Tempel.

Saturday Children's Hand Mucking; Dakotah Smith, Shasta Canning, Mattheus Tempel.

Saturday Children's Spike Driving; Shasta Canning, Dakotah Smith, Mattheus Tempel.

Sunday Children's Choker Setter Race; Makai Millay, Clae Baker, Zachery Starbard.

Sunday Children's Hand Mucking; Clae Baker, Makai Millay, Zachery Starbard.

Sunday Children's Spike Driving; Christopher Hawley, Zachery Starbard, Brandt Apiki.

Team Drilling; Dan Clark and Dennis Clark, Jim Newton and Kirk ``Ziggy'' Ziegenfuss, Darin ``Dag'' Canning and Willie Louie.

Tree Topping; Ed Smith, Cal Richert, Ralph ``Animal'' Austin.

Vertical Chopping; Cal Richert, Terry Selby, Daniel McDonough.

Women's Axe Throwing; Jennifer Selby, Nadine Clark, Ann Lee.

Women's Choker Setter Race; Tobie Putman, Brandy Pavitt, Sonie Blackwell.

Women's Hand Mucking; Debbie Palmer, Sonie Blackwell, Ashley Sage.

Women's Log Rolling; Nichole Richert, Genevieve Harmon, Veronica Harmon.

Women's Single Hand Bucking; Ashley Sage, Sonie Blackwell.

Women's Speed Climbing; Sonie Blackwell, Nichole Richert.

Women's Spike Driving; Ashley Sage, Nadine Clark, Sonie Blackwell.

Women's Stock Power Saw Bucking; Sonie Blackwell, Ashley Sage, Tobie Putman.

Women's Team Hand Bucking; Ashley Sage and Sonie Blackwell, Nichole Richert and Tobie Putman, Brandy Pavitt and Brenda McInturff.

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