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Posted: Friday, July 07, 2000

If Juneau tried to stop the noise made by all those flying toys, the Anchorage Times will call us radical and try again to move the capital. It's one of many right-wing ploys.

The arrogant attitude of the people in the tour industry is why I want to limit their activities. They don't own this country and I live here all year.

Noise is a sensitive issue. I don't particularly like it either but it's part of living here. Think back to the mining days when 800 stamps and other mining machinery were going full blast 24 hours every day of the year. If it wasn't for that, Juneau and Douglas probably wouldn't even be here. We've just shifted gears.

I'm glad that the writer of yesterday's Letter to the Editor used the Treadwell Mines as an analogy to the helicopter noise. It's another wonderful example of greed extracting all the money from the community, walking away with their pockets filled with money and leaving the crap behind for the community to deal with.

In response to the letter-writer who thinks we wouldn't be a community without the Treadwell, I wish you'd mined over there so you can see how bad those workers were treated. There were no safeguards in place. And, if that mine hadn't shut down, there wouldn't be a fish within 60 miles of here. They dumped cyanide and tailings directly into the ocean.

Yesterday's Letter to the Editor about the Treadwell Mines was right on.

A few years ago I lived by the high school. It was overcrowded and I dealt with garbage, cigarette butts and discourteous youth. I've moved away and now I live in a neighborhood that has a lot of helicopter noise. I have not lost my empathy for the people who live by the high school and now I understand the problems associated with helicopter noise. All I can say is don't judge members of the community and their complaints until you have walked in their shoes.

I have a simple, simple solution for the people who enjoy the helicopter noise. We should group them in one subdivision, move the helipads into that neighborhood and then everyone will be happy.

It's Thursday afternoon and the fog is very low. I'm in Douglas and I can't see the State Office Building nor the farthest cruise ship but four helicopters just flew by. By the time they pass Mayflower Island, I can't see them in the fog either. What are the safety rules?

Concerning the stereo problem, I'm from Los Angeles and I understand the loud bumping thing and I don't like punks cruising by in my neighborhood either. But I like to play my stereo loud myself. I go by common rule. Don't do it in residential areas. It's OK on city streets because there are loud trucks anyway. But it's rude in residential areas.

The Juneau All-Volunteer Marching Band is the best part of the Fourth of July parade. They were great.

I took my family downtown to watch the Fourth of July. I thought it was very distasteful that the food bank panhandled the crowd for money.

After reading the list of donators for the Coast Guard Women's Association auction, it struck me that the small airlines in Juneau are usually on the list of contributors for various fund-raisers and school activities. I have not seen the names of the four attorneys behind the Peace and Quiet Coalition as contributors to anything.

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