A tragedy difficult to understand, accept

Posted: Sunday, July 07, 2002

On behalf of the staff and students of Philomath High School and community, I wish to thank the people of Juneau for all your assistance in the recent passing of one of our own, Terry Selby. I had the pleasure of knowing Terry for 17 years. He was a great teacher, motivator, inspiration, role model, husband, father, and he was a friend you could always count on - especially for one of those great Selby hugs! He will be missed but not forgotten!

The logging industry is what made this little town of ours and Terry was a person who knew that logging and protecting the forests was important. He above all taught this to his students along with a demand for safety, making this tragedy so difficult to understand and accept.

We spent an evening with him and his lovely wife, Janet, before he left. I said to him, "Terry aren't you getting too old for this?" He replied with a big grin, "Yeah, but I love it and it pays for Mark and me to go fishing." What a guy!

In his honor and memory we would like to get the forestry center named after him. So, if any of you are ever down this way, stop by 2054 Applegate St. and see the wonderful forestry buildings that Terry worked so hard to maintain and took so much pride in along with the success of many of his students!

Forever grateful for your generosity and kindness to our guy, Terry Selby.

Kay Yechout

Philomath, Ore.

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