Disrespect at the cemetery

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, July 07, 2004

We returned to Juneau early Friday morning, tired, hungry and in dire need of a shower after two weeks of summer camp in Sitka. Upon our arrival we found that the cross in the Evergreen Cemetary was vandalized, covered in a thick layer of something black and gooey. We decided we should do something about this disturbing mess.

While our parents were at work and running errands, we rounded up cleaning supplies (everything from Windex to oven cleaner), put on some gloves and old pajamas and started scrubbing. So there we were, two tired, hungry, teenage girls, donating our summer vacation to the "Clean Up Somebody Else's Ugly Mess" fund.

The fact that someone would do something as vile as severely damage this piece of public property is disturbing. We don't know why someone would commit this act. In fact it puzzles us why someone would be so disrespectful to a place where people bury their friends and family. Maybe they thought it would be cool; maybe they thought it would be funny; maybe they thought it would be fun. But it's not.

It was irresponsible, disrespectful and stupid. So don't brag and don't laugh. Don't be proud of the mess we just cleaned up.

Ariel Lyon and Maya Pisel


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