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Posted: Wednesday, July 07, 2004

With all the things going on in our lives when we're in high school, all the pressures and wayward emotions, restricting students' clothing is just another way of singling them out and making them feel inferior and misunderstood. Students are supposed to be learning about life and themselves and choosing a path that will make them who they are throughout their lives. They shouldn't be judged by what they wear to school, but rather what they're bringing to their peers.

High school taught me that diversity is the color in the world. Why live in a black-and-white town filled with laws and rules that make us look like every other person, when inside we know that we are different, beautiful and unique? Life is about being different and learning to understand those around you. How can you do that if no one ever gets a chance to show the world who they are inside?

You can't keep distraction out of life; you have to learn to work around it. Yes, sometimes students are going to ask for attention with their attire, but would you rather them ask for attention in a way that is harmful to their health or the health of others? Clothing is a form of expression, a necessity of life and something to keep you from the elements, but ask yourself this question: If another person's clothing is keeping you from learning, how much do you really care about your education?

We just need to reevaluate what is important to regulate. Let's try keeping kids in school and not skipping, working on lowering the dropout rate and making students of all races feel important. Let's worry less about what people are wearing.

Nicole Lewis

JDHS Class of 2004

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