New beginnings please
SEACC and SEACC supporters, I have been critical of you in the past, and deservedly so, but I am asking kindly that we bury the hatchet. I would like you to rest on your laurels that this mine at Kensington will be the most regulated in the world.

Get permission to pan
Active mining claims such as Sandy Beach in Douglas, the rock dump, Lemon Creek or Thane Beach are not open to the public for panning. The removal of minerals or gold from active claims or patented land exposes the trespasser to criminal action including attempted and/or grand larceny.

Good luck, Gov. Palin
I was slightly embarrassed to say the least when I read the Sunday editorial in the Juneau Empire about Gov. Sarah Palin's resignation. I am not sure what Juneau the editor is living in, but it is for sure not the Juneau I grew up in. "Good luck to the Governor and her family" would have shown taste and a little bit of class.

'Google Jet' parked in Juneau
The "Google Jet" has added Juneau to the list of airports it has visited while jet-setting across the globe.

Local courts last to modernize files
Around the state, in places such as Anchorage, Tok, Naknek and Unalakleet, a person hardly has to go to court anymore to dig up information on a case. Dockets, calendars, costs, attorneys - it's all available online.

Photo: Whip splash
Ryan Fagerstum holds on tight to a water inner tube Sunday as he is flung around from behind a boat on Auke Lake. Fritz Moser, who was driving the boat, said he has a fun time trying to whip his nephews off the tubes as they try to hang on. Moser was at the lake with his family, along with more than a dozen other people who were swimming, using jet skis and boating in the nice weather. The National Weather Service calls for more clear skies today and highs in the upper 70s.

Photo: Icy dip
Jodi Mesdag, front, and Jaydelyn Roy jump out of an inflatable raft and hurry to get out of the glacial water at the Mendenhall Glacier Monday. A kettle pond that is not connected to the icy Mendenhall Lake heats up on warm days and is afavorite spot for locals to swim and sunbathe.

Photo: Star tribute
Glenn Merrill, center, dances along with a dance group that acted out the Michael Jackson song, "Thriller" during a concert in the park Friday. Members of the group said they were planning the routine a few weeks before Jackson died and thought it would be a nice tribute.

Photo: Music while you walk
Jacob Sanders plays his violin on South Franklin Street Monday for tourists walking by. Sanders said he is trying to make money to buy a truck and is a couple thousand away from his goal. He also works as a kayak guide.

Around Town
Today, July 7

Police & Fire
Juneau police and fire officials and state police reported:

Police & Fire
Juneau police and fire officials and state police reported:

Around Town
Today, July 6

Chase Brandon Fogelson
Juneau resident Chase Brandon Fogelson, formerly of Flagstaff, Ariz., died June 27, 2009, as the result of an accidental fall in Juneau. He was 20.

Cameron Hal Clark
Lifelong Juneau resident Cameron Hal Clark died July 1, 2009, on Mount McGinnis in Juneau. He was 16.

Keith A. Lapiene
Former Juneau resident Keith A. Lapiene died July 6, 2009, in Palatka, Fla. He was 44.

The way to a civilized world
A few weeks ago, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Corps of Engineers permit allowing Coeur Alaska's plan to dump mining waste into Lower Slate Lake. For the mining company, it's a happy ending to the four-year challenge by environmental groups. Whether or not one agrees with the ruling, it should be a cause to celebrate our system of justice.

Outside editorial: Cap-and-pay-off: Not the time to ignite a trade war
President Obama has been about as enthusiastic as one can be supporting the leviathan Waxman-Markey energy bill, which the House just passed, despite the bill's web of mandates, subsidies and regulations. But following the squeaker of a House vote, there was one provision that even Mr. Obama couldn't stomach: a requirement added shortly before the vote that, in 2020, the president begin slapping tariffs on goods from countries that do not limit or price their carbon emissions. He's right to be skeptical.

Outside editorial: Another Tylenol scare
Twenty-seven years after the still-unsolved Tylenol murders comes a fresh warning that over-the-counter painkillers can kill. Tamperproof packaging won't save us this time. We're poisoning ourselves.

Big question marks haunt Palin's future; open the door to criticism
Does Sarah Palin have a political future?

Who will stand with Iranians for their freedom?
WASHINGTON - As Iranians took to the streets to protest a fraudulent election last month, braving tear gas, batons and bullets, pressure mounted on President Obama to take a tougher stand against the Islamic Republic's repression of peaceful dissent. Some said the president's statements were too soft. Others argued that Obama should refrain from picking sides, lest he present a pretext for hard-liners to label the protesters American stooges.

Outside column: Fewer copy editors, more errors
The front of Tuesday's Post Metro section directed readers to turn to Page B3 for a story about the suspected kidnapping of a Wheaton, Md., woman. But no story could be found.

Coast Guard plucks French kayaker from the Bering Sea
ANCHORAGE - A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter has rescued a French kayaker who became fatigued in the Bering Sea during his quest to circumnavigate the world.

Juneau's Nizich to remain chief of staff
JUNEAU - Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell announced Monday that Mike Nizich, currently Gov. Sarah Palin's chief of staff, will remain chief of staff when Parnell takes the oath of office as governor on July 26.

Search for man overboard suspended
ANCHORAGE - The U.S. Coast Guard suspended its search in Alaska's Aleutian Islands for a man reported overboard from a commercial fishing vessel.

Wildfire smoke drifts over Denali Nat'l Park
DENALI NATIONAL PARK - Wildfire smoke has created hazy conditions in Denali National Park.

Buses break down in mechanics' strike
ANCHORAGE - At least eight tourist buses broke down over the weekend at Denali National Park, striking union members said.

Man turns himself in to police in Anchorage drive-by shooting
ANCHORAGE - A 23-year-old man sought in the drive-by shooting of an Anchorage woman has turned himself in to police.

Pay raises for Kenai council, mayor
KENAI - Positions on the Kenai City Council will pay $100 more per month.

Alaska man sought in $100,000 theft from nonprofit
ANCHORAGE - Police are searching for an Anchorage man suspected of stealing more than $100,000 from the nonprofit Alaska Marine Conservation Council.

Winds push wildfire haze into Denali
ANCHORAGE - Denali National Park and Preserve was covered in haze Sunday from wildfires in Alaska's Interior.

2 Fort Richardson soldiers die in Afghanistan
FORT RICHARDSON - The Army announced that two Fort Richardson-based soldiers were killed in Afghanistan on July 4.

FEMA visit brings hope to Eagle
EAGLE - Residents in the city of Eagle are finally getting some relief after a springtime flood that damaged homes and businesses.

Railroad identifies Anchorage man struck by train
ANCHORAGE - A man struck and killed by a train north of Wasilla on Independence Day has been identified as 42-year-old Brett Miller of Anchorage.

Man fatally struck by train near Talkeetna
ANCHORAGE - A 42-year-old man is dead after being struck by a train as he was trying to move a dog from the track.

Property assessments challenged in Seattle
SEATTLE - Challenges to the assessed values of property in the Seattle area have nearly tripled in the past year, The Seattle Times reported Sunday.

Permanent fund cleared for dividends
The Alaska Department of Law has determined that a permanent fund dividend can be paid this year, despite concerns about its legality that led to legislative hearings earlier this year.

Palin's naming of new No. 2 raises questions
Alaska Legislators are questioning whether Gov. Sarah Palin can appoint the state's No. 2 elected official without their input.

Alaskan files ethics complaint against Palin
ANCHORAGE - A resident of Sarah Palin's hometown has filed an ethics complaint against her, just days after her surprise announcement that she will resign as Alaska governor.

Observers:Resignation cuts losses
JUNEAU - Ever since Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin returned from the presidential campaign trail, many Alaskans felt her heart wasn't in the job.

FBI says Palin is not under investigation
ANCHORAGE - An FBI spokesman took the unusual step Sunday of declaring that Gov. Sarah Palin is not under investigation, an announcement prompted by rumors to the contrary on many Web sites.

Health director says she was forced out
One of the state's top public health officials says she was forced out of office because Gov. Sarah Palin felt she wasn't in step on social issues.

GOP strategists left baffled
WASHINGTON - If Sarah Palin is stepping down as governor because she has national political ambitions - and she did not say she intends to run for president - her move did nothing to shake what GOP pollster Whit Ayers called "the 'lightweight' monkey on her back."

Fairbanks scientists develop cold-climate barley
FAIRBANKS - Scientists have developed a cold climate barley called Sunshine that could be available to growers as early as next year.

Palin, under fire, takes to Twitter and Facebook
ANCHORAGE - It's the question everyone is asking: What will Sarah Palin do after stepping down later this month as Alaska governor?

Library sign a lesson in environmental art
HOMER - By the time the new Homer Public Library sign is installed this month, it will not only represent the town's hallmark coastal beauty, it will contain it.

Poor Alaska salmon run threatens treaty
FAIRBANKS - The number of king salmon that reach the Canadian border might not satisfy a treaty agreement between Alaska and Canada despite massive cuts in subsistence fishing up and down the Yukon River in Alaska.

Clock that counted time left in Palin's term gone
The "Time to Make a Difference" clock that counted the time left in Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's term in office is missing from the wall outside her Juneau office.

Fort Wainwright soldiers return
FAIRBANKS - Hours before her daughter officially returned home from a yearlong deployment to Iraq, Carmen Lewis was anxiously waiting in a near-empty hangar.

Police count more gangs arriving on Anchorage streets
ANCHORAGE - Anchorage police are counting more gangs on city streets, but there's debate over whether the increase is as sharp as it appears.

Scientist tests new seafloor mapping tech
ANCHORAGE - Scientists are breaking new ground in the Pribilof Islands, mapping habitat essential to crab using multi-beam sonar to survey the depths and texture of the seafloor.

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