New beginnings please

Posted: Tuesday, July 07, 2009

SEACC and SEACC supporters, I have been critical of you in the past, and deservedly so, but I am asking kindly that we bury the hatchet. I would like you to rest on your laurels that this mine at Kensington will be the most regulated in the world.

Be happy with the fact that you have delayed it as long as you have to the tune of countless millions of dollars in both court costs and lost income to both the corporations and hard-working Alaskans waiting for those jobs. OK, I digressed there a bit. (Can you blame me?)

I think a new beginning is in order here for all of us.

I have an idea for SEACC and its supporters for the future: Promote green jobs.

Maybe help some start-up ecotourism entrepreneurs. I think there is plenty of room for expansion in that sector. I would volunteer to offer my self-proclaimed expertise in the matter.

I think tours to the old Treadwell Mine site would be a great experience at the hands of a guide that knew the history. I think beach tours with a knowledgeable guide would be great. Tours up Perseverance Trail, Dupont, etc., would be really nice. (Heck, you could even have tours up to the Governor's Mansion.)

A big political bandwagon you could jump on and pour money into could be harnessing tidal power, wind power, or protecting our offshore fisheries from the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese.

I have an unlimited supply of ideas for you that could help keep you busy and help keep the money flowing from donors. You just gotta ask me.

You could actually be for something instead of against it, and I would even support you in these endeavors.

Steve Underwood


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