Sometimes, surrender is cowardly

Posted: Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Rich Moniak's July 2 column "Surrender Is not always cowardly" is an attempt to rewrite history in an op-ed piece. Allow me to fill in some glaring holes.

The colonies had had enough of increasing taxation and economic extortion to support the British Empire's global incursions. But it was not only taxation. Ask India, Ireland or any number of countries subjected to British invasion and subsequent rule. Britain was the modern Rome and doomed to be buried under the surging tide of individual freedom.

Britain failed on our shores because our diplomats succeeded in forming a coalition to defeat them, not to appease our enemies. France was a pivotal coalition member only because they were at war with Britain. France would later face its own tide of individual freedom, as would Britain. Freedom does not recognize borders but it can be stamped out, or at least controlled, by governments. Our Founding Fathers recognized this historic fact and embodied a code of conduct upon government.

Recent history tells me the entire world has been at war with fanatic Islamists and the Taliban, even though local politics deny it. History will tell, but who will write it?

Surrender is not always cowardly? It is if you put a price tag on it, as Mr. Moniak has done.

We were attacked and thousands of innocent Americans lost their lives, and untold thousands had their lives destroyed. If Mr. Moniak's logic had prevailed in any World War, we would not be saluting the American flag today.

Ken Dunker


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