With fireworks, safety should come first

Posted: Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I understand that is fun to play with fireworks on the Fourth of July, but I find it in poor taste to shoot off fireworks in a condensed parking lot.

My family and I decided this year we would set up our base in the old parking lot by the Coast Guard station so we could build a shelter to stay dry, but what should have been a relaxing time was rather stressful due to the inconsiderate neighbors around us. Not only were they letting children set the fireworks off, but they were shooting them off on the only safe path to exit through. People were forced to walk across the condemned dock ledge that was full of holes and gaps, something a child could easily slip through, and all because they did not want to get hit with the fireworks the kids behind us were constantly lighting off.

Fireworks are dangerous and should not be handled by children. Also, people should be considerate and not light fireworks in small areas because it will only lead to someone getting hurt. I honestly don't understand why the police don't enforce the ban on consumer fireworks. It isn't like it was hard to tell who was firing them off.

I am not trying to take everyone's fun away, but people need to learn to practice safety first. It isn't safe to light off large fireworks in a closed in area full of people of all ages, let alone allowing children to play with them.

It isn't that I want people to never light off their own fireworks, I just think it should be in a safe location that isn't a danger to those around them. I also think that if there is a law against fireworks, it should be enforced and not overlooked in the downtown area. Everyone wants to have a fun on the Fourth of July, but like every holiday, you should be considerate to your neighbors and think of safety.

Kaleigh Hohenthaner


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