Posted: Sunday, July 08, 2001

Flooding fishing boat saved from sinking

JUNEAU - A Tenakee-based fishing boat nearly sunk off Cape Fairweather on Friday.

Water was flooding the engine room when the crew of the 48-foot Avalon radioed for help at 2 a.m. Friday morning.

"It was gaining on them," said Coast Guard Lt. David Arritt. "This boat's two bilge pumps weren't keeping up with the rate of the flooding."

The two-person crew was fishing off Cape Fairweather, near Yakutat, when a water line ruptured in the engine room.

The weather wasn't helping, with 35 knot winds from the southeast and 15 foot seas.

"That's pretty big weather," Arritt said.

Another fishing vessel, the Tracy M, responded and loaned the Avalon crew a pump at 3:43 a.m. Nine minutes later the Coast Guard helicopter from Sitka arrived and lowered a second de-watering pump to the Avalon.

Using both pumps, the Avalon crew brought the flooding under control and were able to fix the ruptured line. They took the boat to Elfin Cove.

Names of the crew weren't available.

Boaters sent home for safety violations

JUNEAU - The Coast Guard sent a number of pleasure boats back to port last week after routine safety boardings.

Two boats were escorted back to the dock in Juneau on Tuesday. The first boat lacked navigation lights. The second needed life jackets, a fire extinguisher and a current registration.

"You've got to have enough life jackets on there for everybody and a way to fight fire," said Coast Guard Lt. David Arritt. "Navigation lights, that's for their safety and other boats safety around them, being able to see them."

In Wrangell, six boats had to end their voyages because they didn't meet federal safety requirements. The Coast Guard found 73 safety violations after boarding 41 boats near Wrangell from March 28 to July 2.

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