Oil price has jumped since Iraq invasion

Posted: Sunday, July 08, 2007

I write in response to Ken Dunker's My Turn column ("Americans wanted to invade Iraq," July 3) to say I take no responsibility for the occupation of Iraq. To a large extent, the conditions in Iraq are due to Great Britain's meddling in this region since right after World War I. Great Britain created Iraq to solve a problem it had in Mesopotamia, just as it created Saudi Arabia.

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Great Britain tried to divide the Middle East between itself and France. Our current situation stems from their arrogance: After all, the sun never set on the British Empire. America came into this as a Johnny-come-lately, starting in the early 1920s. Our influence was minimal until after World War II.

Even if one fast-forwards to the present day, as a citizen of the United States my voice regarding this action is so unheard, I feel powerless. I studied Middle East history in college and remember the frustration my teacher felt about the events as they unfolded, right after our military invaded. She was scared then about the influence the Bush Administration was exercising in this region.

There is one glaring fact that has to be entered into this discussion. When we invaded Iraq, the price of oil was around $12 a barrel. Now it borders on $70, and if we do anything in Iran, the price may rise above $100. The materialistic greed that caused this price hike left us in its wake. Record oil profits are more telling than anything we have to say about this war.

Gary D. Brune

Paradise, Calif.

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