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Posted: Sunday, July 09, 2000

Word of Mouth gives readers a forum to express opinions on a variety of issues by telephone. Calls must be limited to one minute and we reserve the right to edit calls for clarity, length and libel. The number to call in 586-4636. Then press 8255 to leave your message.

I think you should edit out the Nike logo from the photos in the sports section unless they pay you the same rate as other businesses for advertisements.

The person thanking Wings for their new and quiet flight routes near Douglas should be thanking them for every day, not just for the Fourth of July. Those are the new flight paths they fly every day. That's why Douglas no longer has a noise problem.

How insensitive, ignorant and hateful of the caller in Friday's paper to say it was very distasteful that the food bank panhandled the crowd for money during the Fourth parade. Be grateful you don't have to depend on people's kindness for food. It is embarrassing to have to go the food bank for food. That caller needs to be humbled. Thank God for good, generous people.

I am calling regarding the July 7 Juneau Empire, which has a help wanted ad saying Alaskan Native American preference for a job. Can you image the response from the Native community if it was an ad stating Caucasian preference?

Kudos to the Empire for printing it and kudos to the woman who actually wrote the letter about the local doctor. I have news, too, that we're going to be blessed with another homegrown Juneau doctor who will be working at Urgent Care starting in July.

In Friday's paper a biologist recommends putting really smelly items in your freezer before garbage pickup day. I'd like to, but my freezer is really full of bear meat. If everybody else's freezer was full of bear meat, maybe we wouldn't have these problems.

The person who complained about the food bank should realize those people are only out there trying to raise funds to help the less fortunate.

Now that BP has come up with the $25 million, possibly our governor will be able to re-fund the road study out of Juneau and get things moving.

This is for those cruise ship members clogging the streets: Avert your eyes, shut your mouths and wipe your chins. The women of Juneau are not to be stared out, leered at, propositioned, ogled, hit on or drooled over. We are not here for your pleasure, so leave us alone or stay on your boat.

Bill Ray now claims that the Permanent Fund was his idea, leaving the impression that he was in favor of it. Why didn't he take credit for it at the time? Actually he fought it tooth and nail at the time. A co-worker and I argued with Bill about it at the time. He was strongly opposed to the concept.

I just wanted to say that I went into the Humane Society the other day and saw all the cats and dogs that needed to be adopted, and I just wanted to say I can't believe the Humane Society would turn down one application to give one of these animals a home. It just makes me sick. Get real. Save a life.

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