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Posted: Monday, July 09, 2001

Like many Juneau residents, our family shares our property with several bears and a couple of deer. The bears and deer live up the hill in the wooded area behind our house and we provide an attractive nuisance with our yummy garden plants and garbage cans that are neatly tucked away in the garage except for Fridays when the trash collectors come.

We have a peaceful coexistence with our resident wildlife. When one of the bears wanders into our yard, we don't call the police and when we pick their berries they don't attack us. When the deer eat our tulips we hang plastic bags on the tree limbs to scare them away. We take our dog inside when a bear is around. We don't put our garbage out the night before pickup. In fact, because we know there are resident bears, we would like to put the garbage out near the time it will be picked up, and that is what this letter is about.

The trash collection on our route used to be very predictable, the trucks always came about 7:30 a.m. Lately, the pickup time has varied from late morning to late afternoon. I called Arrow Refuse to ask when we could expect pickup on our road and they told me they have no way of knowing or even estimating when their truck would be there! I was very surprised by their lack of schedule information.

We are trying to establish new regulations in Juneau that will reduce our garbage bear problems, and yet when a resident wants to be responsible and put the cans out near the time of pick-up, the refuse company can't even estimate, morning or afternoon, when that will be. It's time for the CBJ to coordinate with Arrow Refuse to provide residents with time blocks (6-10 a.m., noon-3 p.m., etc.) when collection is likely to occur. It would be one small way that those of us who are willing and able to do so could improve the garbage bear situation.

Phyllice Bradner Matson


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