No laugh track needed these days

Posted: Monday, July 09, 2001

I miss the old Bob Newhart Show, especially those characters Dr. Hartley dealt with in group therapy. Remember? Happily, those folks seem to have been transported to Juneau where they pursue their humorous neurosis over helicopter noise and tourism and bears. I can see Bob Newhart behind his desk peering through his reading glasses: "I see, Mrs. Crondahl, so you think we should stop dredging by the steamship dock and instead fill in the land so we can make all the big tour ships go away. Mr. Harris, would you like to share your thoughts on this ... perhaps we could start by getting rid of bird feeders."

Unfortunately, the group seems to include Borough Assembly members who went along with all this. The TV audience, unfortunately, is the rest of the state - and they don't need a laugh track. They can just put their name down on the Move-the-Capital petition, figuring why not just leave the patients (and Carol, Jerry and Howard for that matter) to run the asylum.

Richard F. Schmitz


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