Price is high when shopping locally

Posted: Wednesday, July 09, 2003

I am writing in response to all the letters regarding shopping locally. As a single mother of two, let me set a few things straight about shopping locally.

I would shop locally if I thought I wasn't getting ripped off. I see all kinds of things I wish to buy locally and find that the price is so outrageous, it becomes more of a budget issue for me and my family. I find those same items that I saw locally online, much more within my budget.

I, for one, do not want local businesses to be out of a job from the big chains. However, they end up causing their own unemployment due to the outrageous prices.

Welcome to the competition world. Juneau has been so long without competition, that it is a welcoming peace of mind for those of us on a budget.

The way of the world is competition and for those local businesses that have lived in luxury over my paycheck, it's payback time. It's time that I save some money to purchase the things I have needed for so long at a reasonable price. And based on the real estate in our town, that's where most of my money is going to end up, not in some local business that tends to overcharge me.

Don't get me wrong, I love the locals in our town. I don't want to put someone out of a job any more than I want to be out of a job. But if you looked at it from my point of view, would you like to make a local broke over your prices and never get ahead in this world, because I am struggling with budgeting?

Wake up, local businesses and see what your locals need to survive. We'll scratch your back if you scratch ours!

Joey J. Tillson


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