Stupid laws turn off voters, waste money

Posted: Monday, July 09, 2007

As someone who enjoys riding in the Dredge Lake area, I see these little bags of dog poop adding up alongside the trails. The people who passed this law need to get out there and pick them up. Dog poop is biodegradable; plastic is not. All the years I've ridden, I have not had problems with dog poop. But the plastic bags are an eyesore.

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As for the bike helmet law, I don't see many kids using them. What's next? No climbing in trees without a harness?

This goes to show that these people in office have nothing better to do than come up with stupid laws.

Why build another track and field in the Mendenhall Valley that is less than two miles from the $800,000 one we already have?

And they wonder why voter turnout declines.

Doug Cooper


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